Upcoming Issue: Technologies of Sacred Sound

#3 is excited to announce its fourth curated installation, 'The Technologies of Sacred Sound'.The multimedia, sound-tracked issue will focus on the roles and relations of changes in digital technology with sacred music from around the world. Our call for submissions is open now. As always, submissions can include academic or creative collaborations, written essays, interviews, extracts, with audio/visual and multimedia content encouraged.

Take a look at the issue brief below for more information and feel free to get in touch if your idea is particularly complex, and requires a direct collaboration with our team.

Video by Teppei Nogaki

Issue Brief:

Music and the technologies of both production and distribution have long been in symbiotic growth. MP3s, streaming services and social media sharing have made the transmission and consumption of music simple, fast and global. The human hunger for access to music has driven technologists and entrepreneurs to push the boundaries of open access, cloud streaming services, and digital media piracy; trends in the use of digital technology that have shaken the traditional music industry to its core, and given rise to a multiplicity of radical new ways for people to listen.

Yet until recently, ritualistic and sacred music has been more or less left in the wake of this digital modernisation. By its very nature rooted in tradition, sacred music has adhered to its rituals, laws and covenants, holding off modernity easier than secular music. However, gradually things have been steadily changing as sacred traditions adapt to life in the modern world – adopting technologies where necessary. By opening a dialogue between musicians, academics, and digital practitioners, this issue of #3 seeks to explore the ways technology and modernity affect sacred music, and how reflects on how these traditions are reaching out to the digital world to survive.

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